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We see the DAO as a box of wonders that could do miracles for so many blockchain-based startups these days. A DAO can be an excellent promotional tool that will get you a passionate community with ambassadors all over the world, it can likewise get you a crew of seasoned developers if your idea and plan look worthwhile. And ultimately, a DAO can become a self-sustained business model that would benefit its founder and team as well as its community members.

To make you see the DAO-influenced things our way, we are going to have a more in-depth look at…

August was/is a busy month as we are inching towards the release of our platform at the time of writing this blog. . Read through for the developments and updates in the first half of August at Idavoll

Product and Development Updates

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What Is DAO for?

Imagine an organisation, financial or non-profit, where all of its members are decision-makers. Then add anonymity and lack of the need for outside permissions, in other words, absolute freedom to take action, make proposals without the fear of being exposed in any undesired way. This is what DAOs can provide the world with.

DAO stands for decentralised autonomous organisation, meaning that there is no central authority capable of overriding anyone’s will. Essentially this is a digital contract or smart contract governed by a blockchain and executed by a virtual machine.

From idea to first launch


July was mostly concentrated on UX and UI of our platform. As well, we started building on polygon network. Read through for the developments and updates in the first half of July at Idavoll

Product and Development Updates

Marketing & Business Updates

Idavoll Staking Mining has three existing LP-based staking products:

The staking pools will stop operating and will go offline at 8:00 (GMT) on August 12, 2021. The staking pool will stop receiving new IDV staking deposits on July 13, 2021.

Please be sure to withdraw and claim all your assets before the expiration date to ensure the safety of your funds.

Idavoll Network will officially launch a new staking product on July 16, in the form of depositing IDV to gain IDV as interest. Please stay tuned.

June month was bearish but we at Idavoll concentrated and worked on our roadmap for development and marketing. Here we submit our June month Bi-2nd weekly report

Product & Development Updates

Marketing & Business Updates

Our first two weeks of June were fruitful for development and marketing. Here we submit our June month 1st Bi-weekly report

Product & Development Updates

1. Improved and realized the rule function of idavoll pallet.
2. Improved and realized the vote function of idavoll pallet.
3. Realized finance and token function modules.
4. Improved the combination and continuous adjustment test between functional modules.
5. Realized the DAO verification function of the idavoll parachain.
6. Mainnet CC1 launched

Marketing & Business Updates

Here’s an update about our roadmap status for CC1 — Mid Q2 2021. The Idavoll team has successfully delivered the sprint of CC1 — Mid Q2 2021 which was committed earlier.

Idavoll released its own mainnet CC1 version, and the first block of Idavoll CC1 has been mined. The average block time is 6 seconds. Since then, Idavoll has entered a phased release state.

The updates include

1. Based on the substrate framework, the PoA consensus algorithm of the Aura mechanism is supported and the validator node is designated by Genesis.

2. Idavoll DAO basic prototype verification.

As a team, we are working…

Idavoll Network

Welcome to the world of Idavoll Network.

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